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Looking for a contractor to do Weatherization work in Bucks County, PA? Please contact Tom Wells: 215-321-4818

Tom was a classmate of mine in the Sustainable Building Advisor program several years ago and has gone on to become one of the biggest advocates of green building in the region. Tom's frequent articles and presentations have made him a resource we are lucky to have!

In addition to energy audits, Tom's company does the repair work, so he can provide both analysis and remediation. I've worked with Tom many times over the years and found his work to be top-notch. He's one of those rare finds - smart, passionate and highly ethical. I recommend Tom without reservation.

In Western Bucks County or Montgomery County?

Contact David Redner: 215-880-9758

Dave is another of Tom and my classmates in the Sustainable Building Advisor program who went on to promote energy efficiency in southeastern Pennsylvania. Like Tom, I've worked with Dave over the years and found him to be professional and capable.

Also like Tom, Dave has a contracting company that can handle your weatherization and contracting needs, allowing him to come in, analyze the problem and fix it.

Dave is based in the Warrington / Doylestown area and does work throughout the region.

For those of you in Chester County

Contact Craig Arbaugh of Residential Energy Solutions: 610-286-7211

Craig and I have teamed up on some larger jobs in the region as well as worked together on an educational video on energy auditing. Like Tom and Dave, Craig was a contractor for decades, but Craig has chosen to focus exclusively on the analysis of energy problems. This is his only business and he takes it  very seriously!

Craig knows about all types of homes, large and small, old and new. So if you're having issues and you're in his area, Craig can help.

Craig also does light commercial buildings - things like small office buildings, township buildings, condo complexes and other buildings that most other energy auditors don't want to handle. So if you're looking for an energy efficiency analysis of these types of buildings, be sure to give Craig a call.

In Philadelphia, contact the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA). They're a wonderful organization with a large staff of energy auditors.

I am no longer doing day-to-day energy audit jobs. Please contact the above professionals.

Top Articles

IECC 2009 - You may have heard about the new energy codes. Pennsylvania is one of the few states that have adopted a strict new energy code. If you're building a new house or substantially renovating one, you must be familiar with the requirements. If you aren't, you could find that your house has no way of passing these strict new codes, costing you thousands more in modifications. Don't get caught out. Read the code and do it right from the start!

Article (10/18/09) - Cathedral Ceilings - Problems and Solutions - Details to help you understand why cathedral ceilings fail and how you can make one that works.

Article (10/17/09) - Bath Venting - Removing Excess Humidity - How to vent your bathroom without rotting out the attic

Article (9/12/09) - Why recycle your old fridge? - Wondering what's using all that electricity in your home? It may be that old fridge in your garage where you keep that spare bottle of soda!

Article (8/11/09) - Which insulation is best? - Confused by all the conflicting information about insulation? Learn about various types of insulation and installation options.

Businesses you can Trust

Energy Federation Incorporated - A great supplier of energy efficiency products, from air sealing supplies to ventilation systems. They give discounts to PECO customers at this link. See their "about" page for background on the company.
Green Depot Similar to EFI. Lots of great 'green" products including eco-friendly paints, insulation, carpeting, etc. Located in the Philly region.
Residential Energy Solutions 
- Energy auditing/consulting firm based out of Chester County, PA. The owner is an honest, intelligent guy with years of experience.
Thomas G. Wells Construction - Full service contractor and energy auditor based in Yardley, PA. Tom is talented and ethical, with many years of experience.

Other Handy Links

Building Science - The premier location for building technical information
Green Building Advisor
 - a well-done website covering all things green.

Product Reviews

I am so impressed with the Fujitsu 12RLS ductless mini-split heat pump that I decided to add reviews. I'll only review products or services that I actually use or have extensive experience with. Also, I only review things if I have no financial interest in them, so you can be comfortable with my impartial coverage.


Site Navigator - articles, products and other links of interest for those interested in home energy efficiency. 
Success stories - Read how ETC clients have saved energy.

Popular Articles

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Wind Speed Calculator - Considering a wind turbine? Try this wind speed calculator first to see if your site is a good candidate.


Saving Energy by ESP - Simple ways to significantly reduce your energy bills.

Solar Economics
 - Thoughts on the economics of solar vs. other methods of reducing our utility bills and environmental impact
Living in Volatile Times - Why oil prices are high and how to reduce your utility bills
Collection of Presentations- This link contains all my recent presentations for your reference.
Latest presentation for the Bucks County chapter of the AIA - note that this is a PowerPoint 2007 Show file. Get the free viewer from Microsoft.

A note on the contractors I recommend

Over the years, I have learned who is trustworthy and does quality work. My only motivation in recommending someone is knowing that they will do a good job on your home. While I cannot guarantee their work, I only recommend those where my clients' experiences have been positive. 

What's Hiding in Your Home?

If you're looking for a great selection of energy efficiency upgrades, check out the EFI store. I buy almost all my supplies there and they've been a pleasure to work with. Their prices are competitive and their sales staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend them without reservation!